Our Solutions

Procurement Transformation

Riding ahead of the curve with forecast on risk & possible contingencies through strategic planning,
optimised resources and project management expertise leading to transformed procurement functions.

  Digital Procurement Transformation

Digitize traditional procurement process with our strategic and advisory services. Our expertise in cloud computing, machine learning, AI and RPA driven solutions offers a high-level overview that ensures valuable time is saved in gathering and analyzing data.

Leverage insights by our leading experts in the industry via:
  • Digitizing end-to-end procurement process
  • Category & Supplier Management
  • Comparative view and information analysis on spending patterns, supplier profiles, transaction and historical data to detect trends
  • Create analysis, projections or reports based on any required time frame
  • Expertise on how to prioritize and hold fact-based communication with suppliers, managers and key stakeholders
  Opportunity Assessment

Invaati acts as your guide to help you steer in the right direction to leverage targeted spend across varied locations during opportunity assessment and buying processes for faster turnaround time.

Our expertise in trend analysis will assist you to identify spending patterns based on historic data to tap on the right opportunity. With the advanced analytics, classify, qualify and categories opportunities based on key indicators such as suppliers, market trends, procurement trend patterns, vendor contracts, compliance and organizational procurement behavioural pattern.

  Country Specific Category Management Advisory Services

Build competitive advantage through a team of global strategic advisors at Invaati that equips companies to realize country-based opportunities with closer control of procurement and supply chain functions. We design country specific strategies for companies to capitalize growth in emerging markets and seek opportunities to partner with other companies to expand markets that can drive sales and profitability.

  Process Optimization

Innovation is the key driving force for any organisation to stay ahead of the curve and gain competitive edge. Our business process optimization techniques help organisations streamline procurement processes, forecast risk, increase transparency in operations thereby optimise costs.

During this process Invaati assists in:
  • Classifying problem areas that needs priority to restructure the process in accordance with the business goals.
  • Analysing the areas that need alignment of resources to meet desired goals
  • Implementing newly automated process that optimises costs and increase revenues
  • Monitoring & Reviewing progress to ensure new process is embedded as an on-going culture
  Audits & Diagnostics

Our leading team of experts will provide a framework in adopting the capabilities against global best practises. The framework offers identifying key growth areas, benchmarking global performance standards and in diagnosing the pulse of the market. By analysing the existing process and practices being followed by the organisation, we suggest new parameters that the organisation can implement as a process using Global Best Practices of Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

Our Due Diligence Process proposes new opportunities to utilise Tools and Technologies that make the process seamless and maximize the resource utilization.

Key parameters from audits to strategic diagnostic solutions includes focus areas such as Spend Analysis, Strategic Sourcing, Annual Budgeting, PR to PO Tool, Contract Management Module, preventive & predictive maintenance.

  Risk, Compliance & Governance Advisory Services

Despite growing uncertainty, risks can be curbed organically and inorganically if they are identified and addressed at the right time. Our risk advisory services support organisations in identifying and tackling key market, economic, financial, technology and organisational risks that might affect the future course of business. Our risk management solutions develop a road map to monitor unforeseen risks, mitigate threats, design protocols based on complexity of the projects/risks.

With Invaati's efficient risk management advisory solutions, organisations can be benefit from:

  • High profitability impact, long – term supplier relationship to influence business continuity and growth
  • Higher standards of services delivery
  • Faster turnaround time during contingencies
  • Innovative use of technology and resources
  • Business continuity without any disruption
  Historic Spend and Trend Analysis

Analyse statistical trends gathered from procurement & supply chain activity, such as price movement and volume by our leading industry experts. Accompanied by fundamental analysis, our strategy is to focus on and determine the factors affecting the spending pattern. Based on the historic data series, our team of experts can forecast spending trends and anticipate possible scenario of demand supply gap.

Based on historic trend analysis, our business intelligence solutions are structured to forecast demand, project price point for each product & services and other external factors such as currency fluctuations, market volatility and economic uncertainties that could potentially affect the revenue growth.

  Market and Supplier Intelligence

Gather market intelligence that craft business goals into successful strategy. Our core capabilities benefit clients in gathering and analysing market, product, supplier and customer data to enhance end user experiences and generate revenues.

Get equipped with strategic tools like PORTER's 5 Forces analysis, PESTLE analysis and SWOT Analysis and other market intelligence tools that enable in-depth analysis and reports on suppliers including market share, products & services offered, financial background, delivery & distribution capabilities, payment structure and lots more.

Strategic Sourcing & Management

In a dynamic business environment with growing challenges, continuing pressure on margins, and uncertainty; our consulting and advisory team of expert's strategies focus on near term sustainable cost savings, reallocating resources to other essential services thereby investing the revenues back into the business. We believe in value based insights for cutting cost and offering alternative solutions to managing budgets efficiently. Our team of experts will help you discover, prioritize and evaluate performance driven resources and channel your budgets that drives sustainable revenue growth and business profitability.

Strategic Sourcing & Management
  • Equipped with Business Intelligence Identify procurement opportunities with business intelligence to reduce current cost of operations
  • Understand the Global Market
    Understands current operations to benchmark the same against best global practices and reduce costs leading to higher efficiency
  • Total Analysis of Operations
    Comprehends what elements of operations can be self-delivered to increase resilience and save costs
  • Integrated High- quality Model
    Builds a high-quality standard & uniform model of service delivery across all blocks
  • Accountability & Transparency in a single platform
    Builds and implements robust technology platform which infuses accountability and transparency among each area of operations
  • Innovative Service Maintenance
    Innovates and introduces new services to the campus in addition to the current maintenance philosophy

Features: Portfolio of services that offers Spend Analysis, Category Management, Spot Buys, RFX / Auction Event Management, Catalogue Management to Contract and Supplier Performance Management.


An integrated platform that assures higher productivity, performance driven solutions that easily integrates
with legacy platforms to transform to a new age processes.
A seamless, accountable, result-oriented and transformative solution that enhances Service Standards through unparalleled subject matter expertise and conglomeration of experts in diverse mission-critical areas of operations.

RPA & AI based iProcurePro by Invaati is a cloud based - platform designed as a marketplace for price discovery and technical qualifications that virtually manages end-to-end Procure-to-Order, Delivery and GRN cycle. The RPA based solution seamlessly integrates P2O, spend analysis, supply support services tools with an end to end P2P modules. The product can be tailored to industry specific components that assures low cost high savings for end clients. Invaati provides modules such as Sourcing and SCM Management Tools, Capture mechanism and Market Analysis.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven solution is custom-built and help in eliminating errors, accelerating process turnaround time and lowering costs
  • Ability to learn and adapt to new inputs and trends of supply chain process
  • Smart, automated systems to manage a wide range of customer interaction