Source-To-Pay Platform

Crafted to give you the best, iProcurePro maximizes savings through source – to – pay solutions. iProcurePro platform, designed as a marketplace for buyers for catalogue & non – catalogue buying with 3 bid price discovery models offers you the advantage of choice.

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  Spend Management and Analysis

Spend transparency is the core of any successful procurement process, and Invaati does it best. We utilize tools like Spend Management designed to provide up-to-date spend data that enables proactive and fact-based procurement work, proven to derive higher savings. Spend Analysis is another cloud based intuitive spend analytical tool that simplifies strategic procurement through categorization and dynamic analysis. Invaati focuses on analysis, procurement patterns, vendor and contract compliance and organizational procurement behavioral pattern.

  3-Way Matching

The process of procurement has never been easier, with Invaati's 3-way matching procurement module. This unique process identifies any discrepancies prior to any payment scheduled to the vendors. It is specifically designed to support technical qualification, required to virtually manage an entire suite from Procure – To – Order, Delivery and GRN cycle. The 3-way matching reduces the number of hours spent on verifying details and streamlines workflow to eliminate errors in costing and increases transparency in financial management.


A unique feature that offers you ultimate advantage, the Invaati Dashboard is the nextGen procurement solution. The feature provides high-level overview supported by responsive graphs that saves valuable time in gathering and analyzing data.

  • Sovereignty over Data
    Slice and dice data as per category, subcategory, supplier or organization based on any time frame that you wish to view.
  • Effortless Trend Analysis
    Compare and view information on spending patterns, supplier, transaction and historical data to detect trends.
  • You Own Your Data
    Export data or graphs to create your own analysis, projections or reports.
  • The advantage of knowing your Data
    Prioritize work and hold fact-based communication with suppliers, managers and key stakeholders.
  • Cloud Enabled
    Cloud based platform that offers cost benefit analysis to identify current and historic spend patterns.
  • Expert Guidance Foretelling Potential Risk Factors
    Market and vendor intelligence to detect potential risks & conduct due diligence to ensure compliance and governance standards are met.
  • Tailor-made For You
    Design industry and client specific process, practices, policies and procedures to achieve competitive edge.
  • Intelligent Forecasting
    Forecast savings with business intelligence to reduce near and long-term procurement costs
  Category Management

Invaati understands that Category Management is the backbone of Strategic Sourcing. IProcurePro technology provides comprehensive visibility of the category spend with detailed spend analysis. Category managers are equipped with informed decisions enabled through categorization of catalogues, evaluation of criteria's, designing RFQ strategies - 3 Bids Buy, RFX or Auctions, Formulate Negotiation, Contracting, Implementation Strategies and Conduct external market and stakeholder analysis. Invaati's expertise in various strategic tools like PORTER's 5 Forces analysis, PESTLE analysis, SWOT Analysis and other market intelligence tools enables us to provide you only the global best.

  Contract Management
  • Everything in One Place
    Integrated Contract Management Tool assures seamless contract execution and implementation of contracts. The platform allows online contract drafting where purchase orders are directly linked to specific contracts for Contract Compliance Management.
  • Customizable Contract & Multiple Features
    Customize your contract based on structure defined by internal stakeholders or create editable based contracts according to varied requirements. The platform offers Online Standard Clause Library, Multiple Level of Reviews and Sign Offs, Input Digital Signatures and Contract Renewal Notifications to keep you updated on daily activities.
  • Online Archives
    Online Contract Archival allows you to retrieve and refer any past data.
  On Track Savings

Every organization targets prudent management of economy without compromising on quality. iProcurePro ensures you receive optimum savings via Integrated Savings Analysis Tool, utilizing real time monitoring of spend reporting, track saving KPI's set up for every individual projects and sites through live dash boards. The reporting tool captures target set v/s savings target achieved to validate real – time savings performance.

  Supplier Management

Identifying the right supplier is critical for deriving higher savings, quality deliveries and high performance. iProcurePro assists you in evaluating the right information in making the right decision through Invaati Supplier Management platform prior to on-boarding any supplier. iProcurePro offers a comprehensive overview of performance management and Comparison Reports for every supplier. It also enable you to post assessment process, register & manage any contracts online along with monitoring real-time progress of each suppliers to ensure value driven results.



iProcurePro acts as your guide to help you steer in the right direction during assessment and buying processes for faster turnaround time. Guided Buying through iProcurePro studies, provides insights on frequent – buys and trend analysis that reduces your time in identifying relevant sources. Gather, validate, upload and manage data in a structured manner. Manage buyer and vendor catalogues, draft contracts, approve request, archive any data and follow -up on any pending requests or approvals and monitor process effortlessly.

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  Catalogue Management

Customizable catalogue tailor-fitted to your needs with iProcurePro solutions. Get access to pre-defined templates crafted by expert internal stakeholders to identify rate contracts, vendor details, item descriptions as well as terms & conditions as per market status quo. Invaati aids you in a series of step-by step process through formulating catalogue for PO management and Approval Matrix, First Level – PO Review process, PO Acceptance methods, Follow Up with the Vendor matrix and PO Rejection Process Management.

  Invaati Order Processing
  • Transparency
    Invaati makes it easier for you! With Invaati iProcurePro, order processing solutions becomes more transparent
  • Choose the Right Fit
    Online PR to PO tools allows you direct access to online catalogues and shopping carts to help you choose the right fit of products for your organization
  • Customizable SLAs
    Customise category and value (range) based SLAs
  • Real-time PR & PO
    Track real-time status on all PR and catalogue PO's for optimal coverage
  • Dynamic Bugets
    Pre-set and project accounting and dynamic budgets for better cost reduction
  • Automate Product Requirement
    Automate PR approve, Project Code and Cost Code Wise Approval Work Flow for faster turnaround time
  Invaati Invoice Management

iProcurepro enterprise solution for Invoice management eliminates complication in handling and tracking invoices manually and streamlines collection process. The solution automates process by scanning invoices through barcode, consolidates invoices uploaded by the vendors, reconciles payments, allows reviews and signs off with 3 way matching that is PO, GNR and Invoice.